Ultimate Marvel – The Ultimates

Ultimate marvel and as it was called later ultimate comics can be quite a vitriolic subject amongst fans, some love it and some hate it this will be the first post of a series, starting with The Ultimates let’s meet them. I think this has to do with the flavour of the characters, our true…

Good Guy Joker?

The following is an article that was published on Reddit that provides an interesting perspective on ‘The Joker’ as portrayed by Heath Ledger in ‘The Dark Knight’.

Let’s Make Some Martians!

If you haven’t watched the SpaceX proposal for getting us to Mars, you absolutely should. It’s pretty amazing. Elon Musk’s delivery is a little dry, but it’s awesome.

The Apocalypse Wasn’t So Bad

I loved Bryan Singer’s X-men movies, but I’d heard terrible things about X-men Apocalypse. Partly because of my fellow geeks having an aneurism over it, and also general lack of funds, I hadn’t actually got around to watching it until just last night.

Police Pull Over Couple Driving While Dead

Does anyone else have some questions about this? Here’s the part I keep getting stuck on. The report wasn’t “Two people covered in blood seen driving down the motorway” it was reported that the woman was being bitten and assaulted.

The Dawn of a New Page!

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