True Neutral or not True Neutral

Myles Morningstar

If you have ever run an RPG scenario you may notice there are at least 3 things you need to balance quite precariously.

Power a character holds, free reign so the player doesn’t feel stifled and giving the player enough rope to hang themselves with,

The story itself is a major factor but honestly trying to balance these three things can be a major task in itself.

Some players decide this is a good way to unleash their inner psychopath (as selfish as I can be at times my characters show a surprising affinity for martyrdom which is probably an issue for my therapist)

Others try to play the true blue hero

My last character Makett showed he could be a hero but he also had a willingness to kill which fit with the upbringing he had in the end he died to save his fiancée. (still again with the…

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