How to Survive Exploding Kittens!!

Exploding Kittens is a card game that my girlfriend and I have been playing a lot every since we picked it up in Manchester from Travelling Man. It’s an odd name for a comic book and tabletop games store, but it was pretty awesome and the employees are fantastic.


‘The Lost Boys’ TV Series

Originally posted on Antony M Copeland:
The CW, which brought us ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, and the ‘Vampire Diaries’ has managed to land the rights to a series adaptation of the 1987 Warner Bros. classic ‘The Lost Boys‘. Rob Thomas, famed for creating ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘iZombie’, along with Gulfstream TV and Warner Bros Television, are…

Ultimate Marvel – The Ultimates

Ultimate marvel and as it was called later ultimate comics can be quite a vitriolic subject amongst fans, some love it and some hate it this will be the first post of a series, starting with The Ultimates let’s meet them. I think this has to do with the flavour of the characters, our true…

Holy Megazords Batman!

So I’m back again, this time to talk about something I have been waiting feverishly for since I first got word that it was being made. The subject in question is the Justice League/Power rangers cross over. Issue one was released on the 11th of January 2017, and this morning I finally got to read…

Valiant Hearts were made to be broken

Well it been a long time, too long, but finally I’m back guys, and this time I want to talk to you all about a game that’s very dear to me, Valiant Hearts: The Great War. It’s the first game in years that actually made feel, and I mean really feel, and made me want…

True Neutral or not True Neutral

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If you have ever run an RPG scenario you may notice there are at least 3 things you need to balance quite precariously.? Power a character holds, free reign so the player doesn’t feel stifled and giving the player enough rope to hang themselves with, The story itself is a…

Mass Effect

Originally posted on Myles Morningstar:
With the release date of Mass Effect: Andromeda just a couple of months away I decided to look back at the games that came before this highly anticipated game (winner of the 2016 golden joystick award for most wanted game and the 2016 global game award for most anticipated game)…

You 2.0

I’ve always found the idea of cloning fascinating. Ever since I met my first twins. The twins in question weren’t even identical. Regardless, the idea of having a genetic copy of me walking around confusing my friends and family appeals to me. It’s not just the mischief factor, I love everything about the subject of cloning.