A symbol of (very little) hope

Okay, let’s talk about Superman. More specifically the current DC Cinematic Universe Superman as portrayed by the charming british man mountain that is Henry Cavill. A few days ago I was on Facebook, casually scrolling through the never ending photo stream of my school friends having children, buying houses and just generally being the adult that i’m most certainly not, when this post caught my eye. And by caught my eye of course I mean annoyed the angry little geek inside me to the point where I felt the need to put pen to paper (or I guess fingers to keyboard) to set this unsuspecting social network user and indeed the whole world to rights again.


The post talks about how the Superman that the critics want is ‘outdated’ and that if they want a Superman more in line with that of the Christopher Reeve version then they should ‘go back to their childhoods and say hello. Cavill’s version is dealing with finding himself as a hero in an unjust and paranoid world called Earth’. This, in my opinion, is down right ridiculous.

Now I firmly believe that Henry Cavill is a great choice for the big blue boy scout and could do a phenomenal job if given some great writing to work with, but the problem is he hasn’t. What he has been given is a sad, mopey and dower character who seems almost like he’s sulking when saving day in the way a child would when told to wash the pots after eating or clean up their room and that coupled with less than 50 lines of dialogue in a 3 hour movie about HIM simply wont do. Especially for a character who literally has a symbol for hope on his chest.

Of course this stuff is all subjective and if you loved the Superman from BvS then great, you have that terrible movie and you can watch it as many times as you like. But I know I’m not the only one who was a little disappointed with that characterisation of someone who, while fictional, I have been watching and reading about for almost two decades now. Clark Kent puts on the cape and tights because he truly believes he’s doing whats right from saving a cat from a tree all the way up to giving his own life for a species he technically isn’t even a part of, but all of whom he believes are worth saving. Whether its stepping in front of a bullet for us or talking us down off a ledge we can rely on him, it’s like Grant Morrison said ‘Somewhere in our darkest night, we made up the story of a man who will never let us down…’

Here’s hoping for something a little better in Justice League 2017.



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