The World’s First Kinetic Steampunk Bar – DHTG

There’s a bar that has opened in Romania called the Enigma cafe that will teleport you to a Steampunk paradise. The Steampunk culture offers us a world in which 19th century industrial steam-powered technology was never usurped by electronics. Enigma shows us a glimpse of what it might be like to live in such a world.

The Enigma cafe’s interior features a fascinating collection of kinetic sculptures that are all inspired by Steampunk. Thankfully they’re not actually steampowered, so there’ll be no hissing pistons, gouts of superheated steam, or sooty smoke to worry about. They just look really awesome. I wish I could go and see it for myself, but I’ll have to make do with watching the gifs. I included a few here, plus a video, but there’s a lot more amazing Enigma Cafe gifs here.

Tick-tock goes the Enigma clockEnigma's mechanical time slaveEnigma's unique interior design featuresEnigma's kinetic ceiling

Source: The World’s First Kinetic Steampunk Bar – DHTG

Until we create some original content I’m reblogging some old content I created for Don’t Hate the Geek. I owe them a lot and they really helped me get started on blogging obsession. So this is me paying tribute to them, with all the backlinks to their pages intact. Enjoy.

Antony M Copeland, formerly known as Tony_the_Brit


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