The Dawn of a New Page!

Welcome to Games & Geekery! I am Antony M. Copeland, a blogger, an aspiring author and a full-time geek. I’ve have recently teamed up with a fellow geek, my friend William Knott, to bring you what will hopefully soon be one of the best sources of news, views and abuse regarding all kinds of games and geekery 🙂

“Games” covers a wide variety of possible topics. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Video Games – Classic and modern. For PC, XBox, Playstation, Android, iPhone, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, etc. Shoot ’em ups, RPGs, RTSs, Puzzle platformers, Racing, CCG sim and NHL (blame William for that one).
  • Board Games – Chess, Monopoly, Risk, Arkham Horror, Settlers of Catan, Warhammer Silver Tower, Firefly the Board Game, and Thud. To name but a tiny few.
  • Card Games – Fluxx, Magic the Gathering, Boss Monster, Genesis, and any others we may learn about.
  • Dice Games – Though technically this would include Yahtzee, I actually mean traditional roleplay games such as D&D, Pathfinder, Vampire: The Masquerade and Shadowrun.

The range of possible topics tagged under “Geekery” is even more expansive, but here’s just few things we might be discussing:

  • Comics – Not just superhero/supervillain comics, but also graphic tales of horror, drama, suspense, high fantasy and science fiction.
  • TV Shows and Movies – Dr Who, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, History Channel’s Vikings, Game of Thrones, The Lost Boys, and the latest offerings on Netflix and Hulu, for example.
  • Cosplay – When geeks dress up in costume to look like their favourite character from games, movies, comics or books, it’s called cosplay, and it’s awesome.
  • Books – Probably mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but may also include horror and mystery. It may also include shameless plugs for my own work in progress, but if it’s a book and appeals to us, we might just write about it.
  • Science & Technology – This might be called ‘nerdery’ technically, but if there’s a new gadget or scientific discovery we want to natter about, we will.

All of these articles will be getting shared on the Games and Geekery Facebook page also and I plan on also launching a Games and Geekery YouTube channel also in the near future.

Please bear with us as we get this project off the ground. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the results. 🙂

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