Shima by LaForge Better Than Google Glass? You Decide – DHTG

Finally, someone came up with an augmented reality solution that doesn’t make you look like a dorky cyborg. Shima look like ordinary glasses except for a tiny, barely visible, hi-tech gizmo that projects a heads-up display. You can see your text messages, keep track of your steps/ calories burned, and even follow gps directions. All without ever looking at your phone. There’s a variety of styles available, and you can even get prescription lenses.

The larger electronics components seem to be housed in the arms of theglasses. The augmented reality HUD looks simple, elegant, and accessible without being too obstructive to your vision. The Alpha and beta versions are currently available for preorder, including a free upgrade to prescription lens for $590.

I’ve wanted an augmented reality system myself for quite some time, but Google Glass always seemed a little goofy to me. Fans have also expressed that they would like to see how the device would work with apps such as Facebook or YouTube. It would really be exciting  if it was compatible with augmented reality games such as Pokemon GO!

What do you think of the Shima? What would you like to see it do? Do you like the designs? Post your comments below!

Source: Shima by LaForge Better Than Google Glass? You Decide – DHTG

Until we create some original content I’m reblogging some old content I created for Don’t Hate the Geek. I owe them a lot and they really helped me get started on blogging obsession. So this is me paying tribute to them, with all the backlinks to their pages intact. Enjoy.

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