Let’s Make Some Martians!

If you haven’t watched the SpaceX proposal for getting us to Mars, you absolutely should. It’s pretty amazing. Elon Musk’s delivery is a little dry, but it’s awesome.

Inquisitor: Martyr ‘Blood & Gore’ Trailer

Originally posted on Odd-Job Antony:
https://www.facebook.com/40kinquisitor/videos/1775270609416200/ For those who’ve followed my blogging career since the days of ‘Don’t Hate The Geek’, you may recognise this game. If not here’s some links for you back to the original post and the update regarding destructible environments. Feel free to browse round the page a bit if you like…

Bruce Wayne: Blind as a bat! 

Well this is my first post on the site so I better make it a good one! The subject I want to approach is the idea that Batman is blind! Yup, just DC comics very own Matt Murdock (except in black, with a Cape and a fuck load of money). The idea came to me…

The Apocalypse Wasn’t So Bad

I loved Bryan Singer’s X-men movies, but I’d heard terrible things about X-men Apocalypse. Partly because of my fellow geeks having an aneurism over it, and also general lack of funds, I hadn’t actually got around to watching it until just last night.

Police Pull Over Couple Driving While Dead

Does anyone else have some questions about this? Here’s the part I keep getting stuck on. The report wasn’t “Two people covered in blood seen driving down the motorway” it was reported that the woman was being bitten and assaulted.

The Dawn of a New Page!

Welcome to Games & Geekery! I am Antony M. Copeland, a blogger, an aspiring author and a full-time geek. I’ve have recently teamed up with a fellow geek, my friend William Knott, to bring you what will hopefully soon be one of the best sources of news, views and abuse regarding all kinds of games and geekery 🙂